A downloadable Knytt Story

Controls: Arrow keys to move, S to jump.

This short little game was done for a level design assignment in my game design class. We had to make do with Knytt Stories, a minimalistic platforming engine with little customization options, and see what we could do with the engine's constraints.

This is a Knytt Story based on Percy Shelley's poem "Ozymandias". I initially tried to have excerpts of the poem into the level itself, but it felt a bit too on the nose, and instead I opted to simply have most dialogue prompt the player to find the game's titular character. As for the content of the poem itself, I opted for a "Show, don't tell" approach, but given the fact that it is a really good poem, I can only hope I managed to give the game an approximation of the feel of the text.

I made a custom tileset for this assignment, which can be extracted from the file. Feel free to use it.

The poem this level was based on can be read below. Spoilers ahoy!

Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land

Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand,

Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,

And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:

And on the pedestal these words appear:

'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Install instructions

First download and install Knytt Stories, available here, or download and install the included zip folder. 

Then open Knytt Stories.exe and install this level following the on-screen prompts.


Ozymandias with Knytt Stories.zip 42 MB
alfalfasalads - Ozymandias.knytt.bin 3 MB

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