"Several decades ago, mankind finally uploaded its consciousness into cyberspace."

LAZLO is a game--or is it interactive fiction?--set in a future where you need to go through a job interview with a capricious AI as your potential employer.

This project is a Game Design assignment, where I had to draw inspiration from outside of games, then make a game within a week. I had initially opted for a "Job Interview Simulator", but my love for science-fiction and cyberpunk hijacked the development process. I also wanted to give a shot at making interactive fiction.

Technically, this is still a work in progress.

12/09/16: The introduction assets are currently placeholders, and while the dialogue needs more polishing, the game is fully playable, with four possible endings.

As this project is explicitly for learning purposes, it's completely free.

Audio Credit:

Low Key (loop), by bluelephan2

There's No Noise In Space, by Psychnight